Zerlina Maxwell – Husband (Partner), Wiki, Age & Net Worth 2020


Zerlina Maxwell – Husband (Partner), Wiki, Age & Net Worth 2020


Zerlina Maxwell’s Biography [Key]

Real Name Zerlina L. Maxwell


Birthday | Age 16th of November, 1981

(39 Years Old)

Birthplace Millburn, New Jersey (United States of America)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Siblings (Sister) Rebecca Maxwell
Profession Political Analyst, Speaker & Writer.
Boyfriend (Partner) Puck


Salary/Income Under Review
Net Worth $500,000 to $1million
Height 5ft, 6inches
Parent Eugene & Yvette Maxwell

About Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell is “many things”. Yeah, you read right. The stunning and hardworking woman takes a huge dive into a whole lot of career spheres. So for a start, Zerlina Maxwell is a lawyer, a political analyst, a speaker and an active writer. She talks and writes actively about issues regarding gender inequality, rape culture, sexual assault, racism and sexual consent.

She attained fame eight after she was named the director of progressive media for Hilary Clinton’s political campaign back in 2016. This assures the fact that she has a superb writing skill, and experience when it comes to political issues. She is also an expert when it comes to analysing policies implemented by politicians.

Haven worked as a contributing writer for ESSENCE magazine, where she covered topics like gender inequality, feminism, pop culture and the likes, Zerlina also achieved a big feat when her articles started getting featured on the CNN, JET Magazine, The Washington Post, BET & The New York Daily News.

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All these still doesn’t fully define the drop dead gorgeous, Zerlina. Maxwell is also a guest and fill-in host for the popular television show, Make It Plain With Mark Thompson on Sirius XM. For Fox news, Zerlina also features as one or the top commentators. She has also appeared on MSNBC as an analyst.

This post will further take a dive into Zerlina Maxwell’s Married Life (Husband, Partner), Age, Early and personal life, and her Networth.

She Was A Victim Of Sexual Assault

You must wonder what Zerlina’s drive is. Every activist has one for sure. Anyways, Maxwell is one of the many who has once been a victim of sexual assault. Zerlina makes this known in some of her speeches. The incident happened when she was in college. She attested that she didn’t press charges, but rather reported to the Special Victim Unit in an unrevealed hospital.

However, she has brilliantly managed the situation and made sure it didn’t get the best of her. Rather, Zerlina Maxwell has been fully motivated to stand up and voice out against such horrendous acts. She also urges women to speak up and take the fight, rather than dying silently.


Early Life

Born Zerlina L. Maxwell in Milburn, New Jersey, USA, Zerlina is child to Yvette & Eugene Maxwell. Her mother Yvette is more of a motivation to her than any other person. The 64 year old who completed her PhDs in her early 60s gives the hope for possibility that her daughter can do anything she sets her mind to, not bothering about the age. Her father, Eugene is a year younger than Yvette. To have brought up a child with such positivity as Zerlina’s is just amazing. The couple live together in Smithfield, Virginia currently.

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However, Zerlina isn’t the only child of her parents. She was accompanied to the world by a lovely sister, Rebecca Maxwell. Rebecca is a graduate of the university of Texas.

Zerlina L. Maxwell is of the black ethnicity. She schooled and graduated at Milburn, New Jersey (high school education). While in school Max had to fight her way through racism and down talks. She once encountered a rough situation where a first grade teacher gave a funny answer to a student’s question, about what a ni**a is. The teacher, without giving a second thought, answered “a black person“. All through that day, Zerlina was called that, mocked for being black.

All these and more, became the motivation and the stepping stone for Zerlina’s success today. Right after high school, Zerlina Maxwell bagged her bachelor’s degree in International Relation and Affairs. She was able to accomplish this in the university of Tufts, Massachusetts. 10 years after her graduation, she didn’t stop studying, and earned for herself, the highest form of law degree. She bagged the title of a Juris Doctor, in Rutgers University School Of Law.

How Old Is Zerlina Maxwell (Age)

Judging from her characteristic strong will, and enthusiasm, Zerlina embraces the Scorpio star sign. She was born on the 19th Of November, 1981. As of today, Zerlina is 38 years old. She’ll be 39 by November this year.

Talking about her physique, Max has shared on her twitter page that she is about 5 feet, 6 inches above ground level. She has a sporty and athletic body, with a flawless dark skin.

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Zerlina Maxwell’s Husband (Partner) | Is She Married?

One of the confusing issues surrounding her is her married life. Zerlina has refused to open up about her partner. The political commentator and analyst has kept a sealed lip about this quite a number of times. She sure has her ways of keeping her man off the radar (that is if she’s dating any one currently).

However, the saying “the internet will always save” always comes in handy at times like this. Traces of a tweet by Zerlina has been traced back to 2014, where she claimed she to have been dating the son of a chef. She tweeted

Dating The Son Of A Chef Is One Of My Better Life Choices


After proper research by the team, we were able to find out about Zerlina’s supposed partner. His name is Puck, and he’s a chef. He’s the closest thing to being her partner, if he isn’t. Back in 2014, October, Maxwell tweeted a special happy birthday message, tagging Puck as her life partner. Apart from Puck, there hasn’t been any story of another man in her life.

Net Worth

Being all that she is, I’m sure you should have a guess of what her pocket would look like. Zerlina earns quite alot from being a political analyst, commentator and a freelance writer. She also earns quite a bunch from being a guest and fill in speaker at Sirius XM. As if this is not enough, Max made extra cash too haven worked as a writer at ESSENCE Magazine for a year.

After estimating, we have narrowed Zerlina Maxwell’s net worth to be around $500,000 to $1 million


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