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It is definitely of no doubt that teenagers are the heart of the entertainment industry. They take up about half the percentage of the whole scenes in entertainment. This is as a result of their young creative minds, never ending talents and of course their unmatched energy. Speaking of one of these amazing teenagers is Melody Marks.

The young, gorgeous teen is an actress who have carefully crafted her path to the top of the entertainment scene. Today we will discuss extensively about Melody Marks early life, age, family, boyfriend, wiki and also give lots of facts about the actress.

MELODY MARKS Biography [Key]

Real Name Melody Marks
Birthday | Age 29th February, 2000

(20 Years Old)

Birthplace Ohio, United States Of America
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Relationship N/A
Profession Actress | Model | Entertainer
Married/Husband No
Salary/Income Under Review
Net Worth N/A
Children None
Siblings Under Review


Who is Melody Marks ?

You must have heard the about this young beautiful teen quite a number of times if you’re a fan of adult contents / entertainment. Christened Melody Marks, the cute and gorgeous young girl was born on the 29th of February, 2000. She was born in Ohio situated in the United States Of America.

Melody Marks, for some certain reasons, have decided to keep most info about her away from the media, but right now, we at Myfader are digging up the facts. So bear with us as we might not be able to deliver enough content about the background of the actress.

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Melody Marks delved into the adult entertainment scene at quite a tender age just like Kristy Althaus. The cute teen has been involved in a whole lot of adult videos and has slowly gained her respect in the scene. She also has a smooth social media appearance and quite a number of followers. This has gained her quite a number of deals. So yes, Melody is also a model.

How Old Is Melody Marks (Age), Birthday

Quite a number of teens are dominating in almost all the spheres and corners of the entertainment niche. What makes it amazing is they are super young. Melody Marks is a perfect example.

She was born on the 29th of February, 2000. This makes Melody Marks 20 years old. You must wonder how she celebrates her birthday every year? According to her instagram post, it seems she has picked to celebrate her birthday every year on the 28 of February / 1st of March

Wiki, Bio, Family and Early Life

We have apologised for the fact that we will only be able to provide little information about the early life of the actress. However, we have garnered up every bit of important details we have found about Marks.

The 20 year old Melody Marks, or as she likes to call herself “the cutie with the cute feet” was born and brought up in the city of Ohio, USA. She had stated in an interview that she was the first child of her parents until she was 14. Melody grew up with her grandmother. Her parents do not live together, although no news channel or no media platform supports the fact that they are separated.

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Her mother lives in California while her dad is still an inhabitant of the city of Ohio. Regardless of the fact that Melody grew up in Ohio, she still proclaims the love of her mother over her dad. Until she was 14, Marks was the only child of her parents. How she dramatically moved from being the only child to having 10 siblings (half siblings and siblings) is just stunning. However Melody Marks has shown massive love to her siblings so far.

Taking about her educational background, Melody Marks is confirmed to be an high school graduate. She however wishes to further her education as a nurse, or in any other medical assisting career. Her introduction and interest in the adult industry was far influenced by her then boyfriend.

Melody Marks Boyfriend | Husband | Fiance

We stated just before this sub heading that Melody Marks’s boyfriend was one of the big influencing factor for her existence in the adult industry today. This was absolutely true.

Melody met with her boyfriend just before high school. During that summer, she described their meeting as the one which holds the “love at first sight” encounter. We have no name to sit in the position of the boyfriend as she failed to mention it. Back in school, there were referred to as the annoying high school lovers.

It seemed as though it wasn’t only her school mates that thought of her relationship with her boyfriend as annoying. Melody Marks also stated that her parents were not in total support of it. She also stated that they both kept having the affair, kind of secretly but got caught a few times. It was at the tender age of 14 that Marks lost her virginity to her boyfriend.

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However her status as of last year says she’s single, and we’ll like to believe that the case is still the same. So for now, we strongly believe Melody is not in any relationship.


Height, Weight, Hair Colour, Eye Colour

The stunning Melody Marks makes an incredible height of 5 feet 3 inches from the soil level. She also backs this amazing 160cm height up with her 54kg body weight. She keeps her blonde in the best condition ever.

Facts About Melody Marks 2020

  1. As most of you may have guessed, Melody Marks is bisexual (probably due to the nature of her profession)
  2. Currently, she’s managed by the popular porn agent, Riley Reynolds.
  3. Her favourite musicians are Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. Marks also made it known that her Matrix II still remains her best movie so far.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to get to take her on a date, Marks loves Chinese foods. She also fancies “The Good Place and Big Mouth as her best TV shows.
  5. Melody wishes to continue schooling.
  6. Whenever she is not on set, or shooting a new movie, Melody takes pleasure in travelling and exploring.


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  1. i knew a couple ago from her high school. i can confirm that most of this is true, except shes not single. she’s married to her boyfriend, and his name is John. shes from Toledo and graduated from Whitmer high school in 2018.

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