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How does one go from being a runner up in the Trump’s organized Miss Colorado Teen USA to being a popular adult actress? Has she always been that way? Did the fame trigger the switch? These questions and alot more have always been asked anytime the name ‘Kristy Althaus‘ comes up.

We have heard cases of scandals involving celebrities from various spheres. It is safe to include beauty pageants in this category too. From videos, to exposing pictures, drug abuse, court cases, lawsuits and secret affairs, this industry has had its share in the ongoing public crinkum crankum. One of the popular cases remain Kristy Althaus’s pornography scandal which got her stripped off her title.

Today we’ll be taking a dive into the Miss Colorado Teen USA’s personal life, the popular ‘Kristy Althaus Sex Scandal’ and what the pageant has decided to move on with.

KRISTY ALTHAUS Biography [Key]

Real Name Kristy Althaus
Birthday | Age 2nd May, 1994

(25 Years Old)

Birthplace Aurora, Colorado, United States Of America
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Relationship Derek Wolfe’s Ex Girlfriend
Profession Actress | Model
Married/Husband No
Salary/Income Under Review
Net Worth Between $100,000 – $1 Million
Children None
Siblings Under Review

Who Is Kristy Althaus? Bio, Wiki

We all have in one way or another heard about the name Kristy Althaus right after the scandal, or maybe just before. But before all that, who was the young beauty pageant?

Christened Kristy Althaus, the young beautiful pageant was brought into life on the 2nd of May, 1994. She was born in Aurora, Colorado, USA. We are still digging up facts about the early life of Kristy and a thing or two about her family.

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Kristy decided to feature in the 2012 edition of the Trump-organized Miss Colorado Teen USA. At this very time, she was still a teenager and was about 18 years old. However, she was lucky enough to have ended up a runner up in the contest, with Jacqueline Zuccherino being the winner for that year.

Kristy Althaus Sex Scandal : Why Was She Stripped Of The Miss Colorado Teen USA Runner Up Title?

Enjoying the fame from the beauty pageant contest was cut short for Kristy a year later, after an adult video of her surfaced online. With expectations of the feat she could have achieved if the winner didn’t fulfil her duties, or was found wanting in any area, this sex scandal was a huge blow. As the pageant academy would have it, any issues with the winner would automatically made the runner up, the new winner. Kristy Althaus lost the entitlement to this when a viral video of her, appeared on line.


The leaked open video saw Kristy seated on a bed, facing the camera and answering few questions. A make voice was heard in the background questioning Althaus about her age and if that was her first adult clip. She replied saying ’18’ and ‘Yes’. 

It wasn’t announced on any news channel, or broadcasted on any media outlet that Kristy Althaus was stripped off the Miss Colorado Teen USA title after the video scandal. However, Future Productions, the official promoters of the Pageant show, removed her videos and all files related to her from the official website. This gave the insight needed to conclude that she has gone against the laws and might have been stripped off her title. Right after taking her name off the results, they also deleted a YouTube video that featured the young teen, Kristy Althaus.

There was no vivid confirmation from anyone, to clarify the fact that it was actually Kristy that appeared in the adult video, but many have judged based on the striking resemblance. During this confusion, Kristy Althaus deleted her Twitter page and kept mum for a while. Gawker went deep on the investigation but came out with blanks as no own opened up.

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Was it right to have been stripped off her Title because of the adult movie?” This topic still remains a bone of contention today. Many believe that it was the very wrong thing to do while others believe that Pageants are supposed to portray all shades of moral. The pageant productions had no ‘moral instructions’ or rules for the contestants that goes against the above topic. This might have given Althaus a little edge over the pageant company. In the eligibility information, below was the only rule that guided the contestants morally.

Contestants “must not have ever been married” or had a child, and “titleholders are also required to remain single throughout their reign.”

Alot of friends from college have supported Kristy and have made their points clear, stating that she is a sweet, caring person and that the decision made against her was not fair.

Kristy Althaus Friends Defending Her



Months went by and the world was took by shock again. This time, it was Kristy Althaus, taking a deep step into the adult entertainment as another adult clip surfaced online. Reasons for her actions are still unknown. Could she have done it because people accused her of doing it?

The video surfaced on the website ‘Girlsdoporn’ which was an adult entertainment site that specializes in amateurs and teenagers. She was asked again, by the man behind the camera. This time, her reply was short and simple. She blew a kiss and said “I just wanted to come back”. The clip was reported to have been used to promote a video on another website.

Kristy Althaus appears to have fully taken pornography as a profession now. The story of how she went from a beauty pageant to an adult actress still amazes alot of people. Her story might have also created a bit of misconceptions about the industry. Pageants are supposed to be people that young girls look up to. Adding pornography or adult entertainment to her profile is just disturbing.

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 Boyfriend (Relationship Life)

During the ongoing pell mell, there seemed to be a man who stood vividly by Kristy admist the whole claims, Derek Wolfe. Now Derek was a professional American Football Player who was with the Denven Broncos team as at then.

Derek Wolfe happens to be Kristy’s boyfriend for a long, long time. The two love birds were rumoured to be in a long distance relationship because Derek was away, playing for the Denver Bronchos. Kristy was still a college student in Colorado. Right after the commotion caused by the first clip, Derek stood in defense of his girlfriend, proudly confessing his love for her on his social media pages.

However, all this was brought to and end shortly after Derek found out Kristy’s interest to take up adult entertainment as a profession. He was reported to have taken down all his social media posts and also deleted his accounts right after.


Even though Kristy Althaus was stripped off her title, she seems to be doing fine today. Haven taken adult entertainment as a full career Kristy has made a fortune for herself. However, we are still making a bit of research as to the exact amount that Kristy worths. Although some sources say its between $100,000 to $1 million.

How Old Is Kristy Althaus? (Age)

As stated above, Kristy was born on the 2nd Of May, 1994. She fits perfectly under the star sign ‘Taurus’. She is currently 25 years old and will be 26 by May, 2, 2020.

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