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There must have been an instance or two where you must have stumbled upon Jeff Tiedrich ‘s hate comment on one or more of Trump’s tweet. Yes, Jeff is one of the anti-Trump party and always surprisingly makes his comment the first one on every tweet of the American President.

Today we will take a dive into the Bio, Wiki, Age and Family of Jeff Tiedrich, and the main reason for his hate on Donald Trump.

JEFF TIEDRICH Biography [Key]

Real Name Jeffrey R. Tiedrich
Birthday | Age 16th of March, 1975

(63 Years Old)

Birthplace Rockways, New Jersey, United States Of America
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jewish
Parents Warren & Joan Tiedrich

Warren (deceased)

Profession Political Activist| Designer| Musician | Journalist
Married/Husband Yes

(Claudia Long – Wife)

Salary/Income Under Review
Net Worth $300,000
Child Katherine Tiedrich
Siblings Under Review


Who Is Jeff Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich is a whole lot of things but most importantly, he’s is the number one Trump hater. The 63 year old and father to one, actively takes part in politics, music, patrons and a whole lot. Let’s get a breakdown of all what Jeff is involved in.

He’s a Political Blogger

Jeff Tiedrich is an active political blogger. He works as a blogger on the website “smirkingchimp.com” which constitutes about 70% of the Trump hate news. He also talks about other political activities. Jeff holds a huge grudge against Donald Trump and everyone that voted for the present USA president. We will discuss further about this issue below.

Apart from this, Tiedrich is also involved in patreons i.e he is an active creator on the platform. Patreon pays him about a hundred and eighty seven ($187) US dollar to get access to his contents. Currently, he’s involved in about 40 patreons.

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He Is A Musician

Jeff seems to be quite the man when it comes to fitting in perfectly into different professions and fields. He also takes a vast interest in music. Jeff Tiedrich got himself into the habit of playing the guitar back in 1973 with the solid hope of bringing him a brighter future.


He was a member of the Alligator Band where he was the lead vocalist and guitarist. The Alligator Band consisted of 6 musicians; Stumpy, Jon Chazen, Erik Lundberg, Sam Mann, V. Don Bogut III, and of course Jeff.

He Is A Graphics Designer

If you see Jeff as just a loudmouth and Trump hater, then you should take a proper second look. Jeff Tiedrich is also a designer. In fact, designing is his day job according to him. He manages the website “tiedrich.com” for his design job.

Jeff has taken on quite a lot of projects which include the

  •  Website for NYU School of Medicine’s University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects
  • Web site for Carnegie Corporation of New York
  •  Front cover and interior page from IBM’s Personal System/2 Reference Guide
  • Spread from an annual report for International Mobile Machines Corporation.

and quite a lot more. You can head on to “tiedrich.com” to check out more of the stunning designs.

Early Life Of Jeff Tiedrich: Bio, Wiki & Education

Christened Jeffery R. Tiedrich, in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA, Jeff is one is just one man born into a body of many talents. He is the child to  Warren Lloyd Tiedrich (Father) & Joan Diamond Tiedrich (mother). His dad served in the United States Army. He was active during the Korean War in 1951 and got discharged in 1953. Unfortunately, he’s now deceased.

Tiedrich is of a Jewesh background. He grew up together with his sister Ellen in Rockaway, New Jersey. His family seems to be one that honours their ethnic background and religion. They attended the Jewish Synagogue Temple Beth Am of Parsippany in New Jersey.


Jeff and his sister Ellen attended the Morris Hills High School in Rockways. He graduated back in 1975 while Ellen who was 2 years younger graduated in 1977. Jeff Tiedrich seems to be one of the bright kids. Right after his graduation from Morris Hills in 1975, he gained admission into Parsons School of Design, located in New York City. He graduated form Parsons School of Degree in 1978 after bagging a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

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How Old Is Jeff Tiedrich [Age]

Born on the 16th of March, 1975, Jeffrey Tiedrich is aged 63 years old as of the time of this publication. He’s of the pisces star sign. On March 16, 2021, Jeff would be 64 years old.


Jeff Tiedrich Family (Wife & Children)


A loud mouth as he likes to call himself, Jeff Tiedrich, just as he is endowed with such outstanding talents, he also is blessed with a family that is worth it. The political activist tied the knot with his beautiful wife Claudia Long years ago. The exact day and year still remains ravelled. We duly hope that it gets unravelled as Jeff’s social life keeps booming.

Tiedrich seems to not be bothered about the age difference when it comes to matters of the heart. His wife, Claudia is 8 years older than him. That makes her about 71 years of age. Claudia, just like her husband, has herself involved in quite a number of things too. She is a Copywriter, creative director, and strategist. She has earned her medals in companies like Time Inc., Ryan True health & Bodden Partners among others. Apart from all these, she also is a committed fan of what her husband does and also supports him on Twitter.


Jeff Tiedrich and Claudia Long are happily blessed with a single child, Katherine Chandler Tiedrich. Best known as Katie Tiedrich, she was born in November, 1991. Katie made it out of college with the title of an aerospace engineer. She is also the big name behind the Awkward Zombies, a webcomic about video games.

Katie is happily married to Norrin Hester. The couple tied the knot back in 2016 and have lived happily till date.

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Katie Tiedrich & Husband

Jeff Tiedrich and his beautiful wife, Claudia Long currently reside in Hastings, on Hudson in the New York City. Their daughter however takes fancy in the urban / suburban mix feel as she has chosen Madison, Wisconsin as her place of residence.

Bad/Unhealthy Obsession With Donald Trump

For some reason that seems to be best known to him, Tiedrich seems to be the number one Trump hater. Obviously, alot of people are not in support of the current president of the United States Of America. What makes Jeff stand out is how he is always the first to comment under every post made by the president.

Some people have speculated that he’s been funded by the Democrats that are not in support of the president. Jeff however hasn’t made a claim against this or in favour of it. He has an active followership on twitter with about 321,000 followers. Tiedrich has been in the act of political activism since 2000. He had a twitter account with over 40,000 active followers but got flagged in 2018.


Jeff Tiedrich Networth

A man of Jeff’s statue is probably above the average earning status. He actively takes part in quite a number of things which can fetch him more and more money. Adsense seems to be one of the smoothest way to get easy money these days. Jeff Tiedrich makes quite a whole from his website “The Smirking Chimp” through adsense. This day, “The Smirking Chimp” has about 50,000 registered users. Not to forget that it was created in 2020.

Apart from this, being a designer and a musician also quite does the job. Jeff is also rumoured to be getting a huge sum of money for the trump hate speeches and tweets. It is said and speculated that Tiedrich gets paid by Democrats in opposition to Trump, to tweet those stuff about him.

Currently, Jeff Tiedrich Networth stands at about $300,000.



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