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The story of every successful man isn’t complete without the touch of a hardworking woman. Hassan Minhaj’s ‘hardworking woman’ “Beena Patel” is our bone of contention today. 

Hassan Minhaj is surely a popular name in the American Comedy industry. He works as a comedian, writer, and a television host. Hassan also takes pleasure in running political commentaries. He is vastly known for his involvement as a senior correspondent on the popular “The Daily Show”. However, Hassan left The Daily Show back in August 2018, so he could focus squarely on the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj show. 

The show helped print his name boldly on the rocks, and made him twice as popular as before. One of Hassan’s life changing moments was after his speech at the year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2017, where he was a featured speaker. The speech featured a Donald Trump roast (the president wasn’t present at the dinner that night) where he happened to have jokingly tagged the president, “Liar in Chief“. Till date, it remains one of his best career highlights. 

If we were to keep writing about the popular comedian, we would never stop writing. But today, he’s not the bone of contention as we’ve stated earlier. We’ll be running a check on Hassan Minhaj’s wife, Beena Patel Minhaj. This post will feature the full story on the beautiful Beena, her family, her bio, age, facts and all we have gathered about her. 


Who Is Beena Patel? (Hassan Minhaj’s Wife)

Being in the spotlight today isn’t just because she is married to a popular comedian (although that is what she is best known for). Beena Minhaj is surely one you’d talk about when you try to define brains + beauty. She offers her expertise in a vast area of fields which includes medicine, consultation and more. Beena Patel, has over the years, made a name for her self with her own achievements which are a result of her hardwork. 

She is best known as the wife of the popular comedian, Hassan Minhaj. Gathered from the interviews so far, Beena has been one hell of a back bone for Hassan. She has supported him both mentally and physically and has loved him all through the thick and thins, till this date. 

Just like her husband, Beena also hails from India. She likes to keep things very religious, which has affected their marriage in a really good way. However, there is no information what so ever about her exact place of birth or her birth parents.

Today, Beena Minhaj works as a Transformation consultant for MedAmerica. More about her career will be dicussed under.

Beena Patel Minhaj lives with her husband and her beautiful daughter in New York, in a neighbourhood called “Hell’s Kitchen“. We have no information regarding Beena Patel’s early educational background, siblings as she has successfully kept all these away from the media. We will however, make available, every piece of information we have about her in the post, so keep reading. 

Early Life, Wiki, Bio & Education

Beena Patel, Hassan Minhaj’s wife, was born and raised in the United States of America. She has kept her age and d.o.b properly hidden, but judging from her looks, physique and body, we could guess that she was born in the late 80s. This leaves her nationality at “American” and her ethnicity as South Asian, India to be concise. Beena hails from a hindu home. She practices Hinduism as a religion. This is as far as we can go on her bio, but be rest assured that you’d be duly updated when facts about Beena’s parents, siblings, and early life surfaces online.


Qualifying Patel based on her marital status is just not fair. The beautiful indian wife and mother is far more than that. From a very tender age, Beena has shown prominence in academic activities. She was very active when anything spells “classroom”. When she got into high school, Patel was already successfully able to speak 4 languages fluently; English, Hindi, Spanish & Gujarati. 

Briefly after high school, Beena got admitted into the university of California, Davis (2003), where she studied Neurology, Physiology and Behaviour. As expected, she performed brilliantly, and earned her bachelor’s degree, back in 2007. Shortly after, she also enrolled for, and got her master’s degree in Public Health from the University Of California Davis, School Of Medicine. This was completed in the space of a year, 2007 to 2008. Beena Patel has shown great strength in her educational background as she also pursued her doctorate degree in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She was awarded the Doctor Of Public Health Degree (DrPH) upon completion. Her effort was crowned with the Ruth Roemer Awards which she won during her graduation in 2013. This was due to her never ending participation in the medical outreach programs organized by different health organisations. 


To back up her numerous educational achievements, Beena Patel has just as much work experience to show. She kicked off her career by working as a clinical research manager at Retinal Consultants, a company situated in Sacramento California. On the course of working for Retinal Consultants, she also took part in working for more reputable pharmaceutical companies such as Leucentis & Avastin. 


Asides working for Retinal Consultants, Beena has also once worked for Cave Consulting Company. She joined this establishment in October, 2008. She handled the role of the account manager and clinical operations analyst. Being and operating analyst gave her the opportunity she needed to work with top health care organisations at the national level; The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and as well, The National Quality Forum (NQF). 

In October, 2010, Patel joined the UCLA Center For Health Policy Research after quitting her job at the Cave Consulting Group. She also worked for VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System where she was given the role of the director of programs for the Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team. However, she moved on to join the MedAmerica group back in 2013, October, where she worked as a practice management consultant in the company. She was later honoured and promoted to the position of the Transformation Consultant in the same company where she works till date. 

If you look through all these, you definitely can tell that Beena Minhaj has something solid going on on her own little way. The fact that she is an awesome and hardworking female can’t be taken from her. 

Now lets take a dive into her relationship with the renowned comedian, Hassan Minhaj. 

Married Life: Relationship With Hassan Minhaj

The story of the two love birds is just as amazing as it gets. Hassan, in recent interviews, has talked about how Beena had affected him in such positive ways.


This love story could be traced back to the days of the University Of California, Davis where they first met. Hassan had said he got attracted to the beautiful Beena when he first set his eyes on her. The two became close friends and later courted for a while. During the period of courtship, they both honoured their religions and didn’t move in together. However, in January, 2015, the couple decided to tie the knot.

According to Hassan, in a recent interview,

Beena and I didn’t move in together until we got married. We kept it very traditional – Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this – so I had to evolve very quickly. I went from ‘Scarface’ photos to family photos. I’d never had throw pillows in my life, but I’ve become accustomed to them. And I will say that scented candles are really nice

The relationship between the two have in one way or the other changed some things about them. Beena and Hassan got married right about the time they moved to New York. Hassan had to adjust to the new weather while Beena had to make do with the new work space. She had initially turned their new apartment’s closet (walk-in) to her office. Over the years the two of them have joyfully enjoyed the bliss of marriage.

On April 22nd, 2018 Hassan Minhaj took to his instagram to welcome their baby girl into the family. We have gathered pictures showing Beena, Hassan and their daughter.

Hassan Minhaj, Beena Patel & Daughter
Beena, Hassan & First Child

Today, Beena Patel Minhaj lives happily with her husband and child in the Hell’s Kitchen Neighbourhood in NYC.

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Beena Patel Minhaj Networth

As stated earlier, Beena patel likes to keep certain things private, and we think her networth is included. Taking a look at her qualifications and educational background, she sure earns a mouth watering salary, but we have no idea about the actual amount.

However, her husband, Hassan Minhaj maintains a steady income and has amassed a total of $3 million in networth.


  • Interior decoration seems to be one more addition to the many talents of Beena Patel. Hassan had stated in an interview that Beena decorated their new home alone.
  • Beena keeps her life very private. She has no traces of  twitter account. However, she has an Instagram account which has also been set to ‘private’ too.
  • She backs up her pretty face and body with a height of 5 feet, 3 inches. Her most impressive features are her eye colour which is brown, her amazing black, long hair and her beautiful face.
  • She engages in writing publications about the homeless and healthcare. One amongst them is “Incorporating Addiction Treatments Into Medical Homes For Homeless Veterans: A 3-Site Comparison
  • The couple religious differences threatened their marriage. Beena was Hindu while Hassan was Muslim. This became a little issue that almost threatened their union, but their love was strong enough to prevail.

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