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Top of the world viewers. If you’re on this page right now then it means you’ve searched for an information relating to the famous Youtuber, H2O Delirious.

Today we shall take a dive into H2O Delirious’s face reveal, age, real name, sister and Networth. We shall also touch some important facts about the gamer. Stay tuned.

H2O Delirious Biography [Key]

Real Name Jonathan Gormon Dennis (M)
Birthday | Age 2th of May, 1987

(33 Years Old)

Birthplace Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Current Location North Carolina
Profession YouTube Gamer, Commentator.
Sibling (Sister) Unknown


Salary/Income Under Review
Net Worth $5,000,000
Height / Weight 6ft / 140lbs (63kg)
Famous For YouTube Gamer

About H2O Delirious

Game players on YouTube are fast gaining attention in the real world these days. Alot of them have amassed millions of followers both in the gaming world, and outside it. Amongst the vast number of YouTube gamers, H2O Delirious seems to be one of the most popular. Reason being his very funny interaction with his fans. Likewise, his ability to deliver “Let’s Play” videos upon request from his ardent fans.

Delirious remains a top gaming commentator and gamer. He sealed this spot when he attained the first position on the Top 10 Let’s Play YouTube Channels. His YouTube channel is named “H2O Delirious”. At present, it has an exciting subscription of about 12.4 million. This sure is a big feat for the American Youtuber. H2O had also managed to earn a spot as the 339th most subscribed to, youtuber in the world. 

Rise To Fame

Few days after clocking 20 years of age, H2O Delirious was inspired to start his YouTube channel. This is dated back to May 24, 2007. He has currently spent a decade in the gaming world, and surely, the receipts can tell you he has done really great. He made his first upload when he posted his video for the popular “Call Of Duty” and alot of people grew interest in him. At that time, his channel was named EXP I Delirious. The story behind the name was about the group he joined back in 2007. It’s called the Clan XP, a group of video gamers.

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His YouTube channels stands as his main source of income. H2O Delirious gets involved in quite a number of games. Recently, and frequently he uploads video highlights of games he’s played. They include Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Garry’s Mod, WWE, Black Ops II and many more. He has also actively taken part in collaborations with other players and gaming brands. He collaborated with the popular VanossGaming (Evan Fong), and played COD. Delirious has also made appearances and been featured on pages and channels like fourzer0seven, CaRtOoNz, BasicallyIDoWrk, Lui Calibre and many others.

How he got his name

In the year 2010, Delirious made a huge move. He left his initial clan, the XP and went on ahead to join the H2O clan. This led to the change in his channel and gaming name. H2O Delirious was later named “H2O Delicious”, but for one reason or another, he re-named again, to H2O Delirious. This has now, been his name till date.

The popular gaming wizard, H2O, had a working contract with the company Zero, before taking YouTubing as a career. He always hides behind his Jason Mask. The mask, if you remember correctly, was originated from the horrow/thriller “Friday The 13th”. After he amassed quite a number of subscribers, he named them the “Delirious Army”. Most of these fans also show the love by wearing the Jason mask too.

Till date, Delirious has a superb number of lovers and followers who’d support him to the end. He has risen to fame, but is surely still rising, everyday.

H2O Delirious Face Reveal | What Does His Face Look Like?

If there’s anything that H2O Delirious has hidden well over the years, and if there is any mystery surrounding him, it all points to his face reveal. As stated above, the YouTuber always hides behind his Jason mask. Fans seem bewildered everytime the topic comes up. H2O, however has never revealed his face to anyone, or has never for once shared it on the internet.

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The only person believed to have seen what H2O Delirious looks like is his gaming partner, CaRtOoNz, originally known as Luke Patterson. This is because CaRtOoNz dated his sister in the past. Apart from Luke, alot of people have come out to claim that they’ve seen his face but we all know those are all lies. 

His Jason Mask is the closest clue to what you can describe his face like. H2O understands how important people have taken his face reveal issue, so on the first of April, 2015, he decided to reveal it. He uploaded a video and called it the “H2O Delirious Face Reveal!”. On opening, fans found out it was his own piece of the “April Fool’s Day”. He repeated this on the first of April, 2017 in a video which he tagged “The Real H2O Delirious Face Reveal”. 

Other issues that has surfaced concerning his face happens to be when one of his friends claimed that he was H2O Delirious, which turned out to be untrue too. Just last year (2019) he uploaded another video claiming his fave reveal. If watched, the video just shows series of people trying to claim his identity. He has made sure there has never been any leaks whatsoever.

Wiki, Parents, Sister and H2O Delirious Real Name

I don’t know if it’s a thing amongst YouTubers, but hiding details about their personal life seems important to them. Just like every other Youtuber, H2O has not given room to obtain much knowledge about his early life. Here’s the few we were able to gather.

H2O Delirious real name is Jonathan Dennis. He was born in North Carolina along side his sister, whose identity remains unrevealed too. His parents identity and his educational background? Lol, there is just no information about that too.

However, we were also able to gather that the Youtuber lived in Hampton, Virginia for a while. He later moved back to his hometown, North Carolina, where he currently lives till date.


H2O Delirious was born on the 2nd of May, 1987. This makes him 33 years as if today. He will be 34 years old come may, 2021. He has a fit, athletic body build. He maintains his height at 6ft, and weighs 140lbs, (63kg).

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Being amongst the 350 most subscribed to channels on YouTube, you should be able to estimate what H2O’s pockets will look like. Haven amassed a total of 12.4 million subscribers, its only fair if he makes a huge amount from YouTube. His 1948 videos have altogether, been streamed / viewed for 3 billion times and more. If you don’t think that is really big, then I don’t know your definition of “big”.

YouTube sits as his main source of income. It generates about $9.1k to $145.5k daily. If approximated appropriately, that smells like $109.1k to about $1.7M annually. This is a pretty good pay for any youtuber, vlogger, or gamer.


Asides this, Delirious has also brilliantly crafted his brand. He sells different products from his brand to his Delirious Army. These include Hoodies, Premium T-Shirts and other Accessories. You can get any of these on his official website, h2odelirious.com . Another source of income is the sale of his popular Jason masks. It sells for about $80 on websites.

At the time of this publication, H2O Delirious Net worth is estimated to be about $5million. 

Unheard Facts

Here are some gathered facts about H2O.

  1.  His favourite colour is Sky Blue
  2. He has revealed that his best video is the “Who’s The Bomb Carrier” video that he uploaded.
  3. In a video tagged GMOD Sandbox, his gamer friend and partner, Vanoss revealed H2O’s height to be 6ft and his weight to be 140lb.
  4. Delirious has also revealed that his name is spelt H2O and not H20 as people have always confused it.
  5. He still uses his old Astros 2013 Mic to record most of his YouTube uploads and uses Sony Vegas to edit videos along with subtitles. 
  6. His outro song, “Outta My Mind” was originally recorded by a band named “Delirious”. H2o got 3 strikes for copyright infringement.
  7. He stands as the 4th person to have an official player model of himself.


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