Queen Of The South Season 4: Netflix Release Date & What To Expect


Whenever and wherever, crime series always have a way of catapulting to the very top of the movie charts every year. Just this month, we had one of the most streamed crime series “Money Heist Season 4” which is still doing very well on the charts. Netflix, as they have always done, are here to catch your interest one more time with the new season to the popular crime series “Queen Of The South“.

Queen Of The South still remains one of the best crime series on Netflix till date. It airs on the USA network, as it is an american series. The crime series is confirmed to be an adaptation of the popular telenova, Le Reina Del Sur. Not to forget, the telenova has its origin from the Arturo Perez-Reverte written novel “Le Reina Del Sur”.


The success of Queen Of The South over the years has been astonishing. In fact, it is just so amazing that the movie could go as a perfect competition with Breaking Bad which is rated as one of the best crime series of all time. The story line of “Queen Of The South” sheds light on the life of a woman Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) who escapes her poor living and wretchedness. She somehow finds her self in Mexico where she fought her way to the top to become one of the top distributors of drugs, and kingpin in the game.

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However, to get to the top and maintain the position without enemies is just inevitable. A lot of people are not totally in support of the success of Teresa, hence the need to survive the evil ordeal of the others.

There are currently 3 seasons out right now. Today, we will be taking you through the renewal status of the 4th season, the Netflix release date for Queen Of The South Season 4, and what to expect. But before then, let’s have a recap of the 3rd season.


Queen Of The South Season 3: What Happened?

Queen Of The South Season 3 held alot of intense, mind blowing action scenes, and suspenseful episodes. The season was the end of the story for some characters, and it was just the beginning for others.

For a start, everyone was pleased to see Alberto Cortez in trouble. He had managed to maneuver his way to top and powerful positions since the very first season. He always seems to get away with his “not so pleasing” deeds too. Season 3 of Queen Of The South saw that Alberto Cortez got his won share of the devils cake. He duly got what he deserved.

However, Boaz seems to be the lucky man here again as he managed to cheat death once more in the season. We can’t say for sure if he’d last for long anymore. Death is surely knocking on his door. Teresa and King George are still going strong. King George continues in his effective drug smuggling measures. He also helped discover and plot new drug routes for Teresa.

It is said that when emotions come into play, and it is not managed properly, the business suffers it. Camilla’s emotions seem to be getting in the way of many things. She made a lot of mistakes and took the wrong decisions on many pressing issues. Even though her emotions were all over the place, Camilla still remained as cunning as ever.

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Teresa was lucky enough to put her in check. Camilla was left with the warning that is she ever makes any funny move against Teresa, her daughter’s life is surely on the line. It spelt trouble too for James, as he shows his emotional side and soft spot for Teresa. This made him hand himself over to the authorities just so he could save her.


Teresa isn’t the struggling underdog anymore. She stopped running and has attained power in ways that can’t be touched. She has made a pretty impressive ally, with the likes of Jimenez and the Colombians in order to keep her drug flow and circulation in check. She also, has taken control of the Pheonix Corridor and now rules as a queen.

Queen Of The South Season 4 Netflix Release Date

With the full rights belonging to the USA network, Queen Of The South Season 4 aired between June 6, 2019 to August 29, 2019. These exact dates have been the slot for the series for four years now.

However, the show surprisingly aired on Netflix in May. The first 3 seasons aired consecutively, and now everyone seems to be very interested in seeing the 4th. The Netflix Release Date For Queen Of The South Season 4 seems to fit somewhere in May, 2020 too.

The 5th season, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has encountered a delay in production. We should be getting it by 2021 if things get back in shape.

What to Expect In Queen Of The South Season 4 Netflix

According to the trailer, here are the possible predictions of what to expect in Queen Of The South Season 4.

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The trailer shows Teresa, settling fine in her new home in New Orleans. She processes a new start, without violence. But as it progresses, we see that there is absolutely no life of peace for Teresa. Violence is never a thing you avoid when you are a leader in the drug ring.

We expect that Teresa’s position will be threatened frequently. She has alot of targets on her back, and she would stop at nothing to give up the throne too. She will strive to keep her position, encounter new enemies, and also make new allies.

As Ben Lobato, the series co-runner made it known at an interview with EW, he said

“It’s now impossible for her to hold on to her moral code while running a drug cartel. One of the things we wanted to do early in the season was play with some thematic elements like The Godfather. Teresa Mendoza started on this journey just trying to survive. What we wanted to do coming into season 4 was to create more stakes for her.”

Number Of Episodes in Queen Of The South Season 4

As the previous seasons have always had 13 episodes, the new season isn’t any different. The season 4 of Queen Of The South has a total of 13 episodes.

We’ll keep you updated about new developments on Queen Of The South Season 4. Feel free to throw in questions and suggestions in the comment box below.

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