Will Gretel And Hansel Come To Netflix? Release Date & Facts


Gretel And Hansel 2020 Netflix Release Date, Where To Stream


Based on the popular German folklore, Hansel And Gretel, this new sequel, Gretel And Hansel (2020) is co-written and directed by the genius Oz Perkins.

If you have been a huge fan of the folklore, you sure must have seen about 4 to 5 different movies about it. Starting from the 1954 blockbuster, we have been opportuned to see more versions such as the 2002’s Jacob Smith & Taylor Momsen’s Hansel And Gretel, the Yim Pil Sung directed ‘Hansel And Gretel, 2007′.

We also had the 2013 versions, which were about 3 or there of. Brent Lydic and Stephanie Greco kicked it off, shortly after, we had the Micheal Welth & Molly Quinns’ Hansel And Gretel : Get Baked.

However, the story became more famous after the release of the 2013, Hansel And Gretel : Witch Hunters where the roles of Hansel and Gretel were played by Geremy Renner & Gemma Arterton. The movie moved a total of $226.3 Million as its Box Office sale. This is still believed to be the biggest of the Hansel And Gretel movies yet.

In 2015, we also saw the “Hansel Vs Gretel” entry, where the 2013 actor, Brent Lydic had to battle and save his own sister, Lili Barross (Greta) because she under the spell of some great witch.

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Gretel And Hansel 2020


Today, the saga continues. Sammy Leaky & Sophia Lillis have joined forces, as Hansel and Gretel, to take down some serious witches. The new sequel, Gretel And Hansel 2020, features the siblings having to fend for themselves after their mother descends into madness. Things became more tense when they had to head into the woods in search of food and jobs.

Gretel And Hansel 2020 promises to be a great watch, it centres a quite thrilling horror piece which will leave you super hyped and excited at the very end.

Gretel And Hansel (2020) Netflix Release Date?

After much digging and research, we have concluded that it is possible to not have the Gretel And Hansel movie on Netflix US. The production credit of the movie fully goes to MGM’s Orion pictures. Its distribution rights also goes solely to the United Arts Releasing which works as a joint distribution company for Annapurna Pictures and MGM.

With this information, we shouldn’t expect any Gretel And Hansel Netflix Release Date for the inhabitants of US. However, the movie might premier on, or might later be available on the Netflix UK. Haven come into existence, United Arts Releasing rarely have any movies stretched into the streaming service of Netflix US, but has quite a huge catalogue with Netflix UK.

The actual release date for Gretel And Hansel 2020 is 31st of January, 2020.

Where To Stream Gretel And Hansel?

Back in 2017, Annapurna Pictures signed a multi year streaming deal with Hulu, which backs up the agreement that movies under this platform will be surely streamed on Hulu first. With MGM and Annapurna being closely related in deals, we have concluded that the surest place to stream Gretel And Hansel 2020 is Hulu.

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