About Us

What We Do At MyFader

Myfader isn’t just a website, it is a “home” for everything. Out team put in special work to gather information about certain celebrities ranging from models, to actors, to sportsmen, and so much more. In fact, we gather facts, biographies, status of celebrities in all spheres of entertainment just to satisfy the fans.

At MyFader, we also give full details on Netflix  movies. Fans have undying taste to know more about movies and actors / actresses. Here we provide solid facts which cuts through release date of movies, facts about the casts, Netflix renewal status of movies and more.

How We Gather Facts & Information About Celebrities?

As we have stated above, MyFader and its hardworking team dig up and gather facts and information about celebrities in all spheres of entertainment. These information are gathered from interviews, TV Shows, magazines.

If you feel the need to help us with the information you have about any celebrity, kindly drop it below.